Life and Health Insurance Marketing

Corporate Training

Manfaat :

  • Memahani konsep dan prinsip penjualan jasa asuransi jiwa dan kesehatan.
  • Mampu meningkatkan keterampilan pemasaran dan penjualan jasa asuransi jiwa dan kesehatan.

Materi :

  • Developing NewProduct and Service
  • Overview of Insurance and Insurance Sector
  • Overview of Life Insurance and Health Insurance
  • Determination of Client Needs and Expectations
  • Creation and Revision of Product/Service
  • Distribution Channels, Alternative Sales Channels
  • Audience, LifePension and Health Insurance Sales
  • 7 Components of Marketing
  • Preparation of Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Pricing Parameters
  • Risk Acceptance Process and Pricing
  • Technical Infrastructure, Education, Financial Preparations
  • Control Cycle/Product Marketing Presentation
  • Being a Service Enterprise and Innovation
  • CRM in Insurance
  • Body Language


Peserta :

Professional Sales & Marketing Asuransi.

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