Brand Marketing Strategy

Corporate Training

Manfaat :

  • Memahami konsep dan implementasi brand management.
  • Mampu mendesain brand yang sukses.
  • Mampu mengaudit dan mengevaluasi brand.
  • Mampu melakukan perencanaan media untuk brand equity.
  • Mampu melakukan perencanaan promosi untuk brand development.


Materi :

  • Concept Marketing and Brand Management
    • What is brand management
    • The primary responsibilities of brand managers
    • Trends in brand management
    • The benefits strong brands deliver to organizations
  • The Brand Management
    • The Brand Management Process
    • Element of Brand loyalty
  • Steps to helps brands connect emotionally to their customers:
    • Develop success (re)position a brand
    • Create and manage a strong brand identity
    • Develop a brand identity system and standards
    • Develop a powerful brand tagline
    • Publicity and word-of-mouth marketing to a brand’s advantage
    • Using blogs and other social media to build brands
  • Develop a strong brand marketing plan:
    • Marketing tools and techniques
    • Use internal communication, education and training and organization design to align the organization in support of the brand
    • Develop a brand building organization and transform employees into enthusiastic brand champions
  • Conducting Brand audit and brand equity
  • Measurement of the asset value of a brand
  • Managing brand using point-of-sale (POS) data in managing brands
  • Qualitative and quantitative brand research methodologies and approaches


Peserta :

Marketing, Commersial and Sales dan Departemen lain yang berkaitan dengan Brand Management.

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